Greenberry’s: Our Business Journey

by Ashley Inman


Greenberry’s has had quite the entrepreneurial journey. We want to shed more light on how Greenberry’s came to be, the help along the way, and the success that sprouted from that guidance!

Success and Happiness 30 Years in the Making


Greenberry’s began with a young couple who took a risk, completely changing their initial life direction. Roxanne and Sean Simmons worked for big companies and quickly realized a standard 9-5 wasn’t their life’s calling. 


Their smart decision-making in becoming entrepreneurs soon became a great success story. From humble beginnings, Greenberry’s has now been in business for almost 30 years and continues to flourish. 


“There's nothing better than working for yourself, carrying the responsibility and leading the group to success.” - Sean Simmons


Greenberry’s has an inspiring beginning that began in the Simmons’ kitchen. One day the couple bought some gourmet coffee, brewed a strong cup, and convinced themselves that it was “the best thing ever.” The rest of the story – as they say – is history.


In 2006, they expanded to become one of the first craft roasting companies carried in the mega-company Whole Foods.


In 2014, they began to expand internationally, now with a presence in four countries! 

Mentored Under Alfred Peet’s Wing


Sean’s father introduced them to Jamie, who ran a small coffee shop in Texas. Jamie just so happened to be friends with a man named Alfred Peet.


Roxanne and Sean were inspired by Alfred, the founder of Peet’s coffee. He was considered a coffee visionary and, most interestingly, the impetus of Starbucks. Through connections the entrepreneurial couple was able to visit Alfred in San Francisco.


Alfred ultimately agreed to be their mentor, teaching them the ins and outs of the craft coffee industry. After their visit, Roxanne and Sean brought what they learned to Virginia to start their first coffee roaster shop in Virginia. 


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