Greenberry’s is Growing Fast!

by Ashley Inman

About Greenberry’s

Greenberry’s was founded 30 years ago by Sean and Roxanne Simmons in Charlottesville, Va. Not only did they strive to create a higher quality brew, they also wanted to establish a community space where everyone feels welcome. 

We are dedicated to refining every area of our craft. Our coffees are personally roasted, packaged, brewed, and delivered to ensure the highest standards are met. Our coffee is made from 100% single-origin coffee beans, roasted by our expert coffee roasters in small batches. We deliver coffee directly to your door – wherever you are!

Cafe dwellers and home brewers alike are becoming more refined in their drinking experiences. They want to know more about where their coffees originate and how they are prepared. 

Greenberry’s works with premier growers of the finest Arabica coffees. Our master roasters then work tirelessly to develop dark roast profiles that bring out the best flavors in each bean. 

Greenberry’s is Growing

Coffee is a booming industry worldwide, with over a billion people drinking a daily cup. More Americans drink coffee every day than any other beverage. The market reflects this, showing a 20 year high in the United States alone! 

We’re a fast-growing company with a mission to deliver the best coffee experience in the world. Greenberry’s has a solid 30 years of profitability in cafes, roasting services, and coffee distribution. Over the last 8 years, we had an average year-over-year increase of 51% new locations carrying Greenberry’s products! 

We currently distribute our products in 48 states and have expanded into Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Our products are available through our franchise locations, major grocery chains, local retailers, convenience stores, and even directly to customers online! Whether you like traditional drip coffees, espressos, cold brews, or Nitro, Greenberry’s vast selections will help you find your perfect cup. 

How to Invest

Since 1992, Greenberry’s has created a community space for people to enjoy a top notch cup of coffee. We need help from our investor community to expand our reach and bring the highest quality coffees to more international locales. 

Greenberry’s online sales have experienced an average 74% quarter-over-quarter growth from 2019-2021! Over the next 5 years, we plan to continue adding new cafes in both the United States and our growing footprint in Europe. 

We believe good coffee brings people together. 

Read more about joining our investor community by visiting our raise page on StartEngine. Please share with your network to help spread the word about great investment opportunities in the booming coffee market.