Coffee is Booming!

by Ashley Inman


Origin of Coffee

The worldwide love of coffee began in the highlands of Ethiopia, where the Coffea Arabica plant was first harvested. Credited to the Oromo people, coffee cherries have been cultivated for their seeds, which are dried and roasted before being ground into their brewable form. While we may not know the full journey of coffee’s expansion around the world, many cultures embraced the delectable brew into both their everyday and ritualistic lives. Some traditions even consider the roasting process akin to the transcendence of the human soul! 


Coffee was also highly sought after for its perceived medical capabilities. Even modern day researchers maintain that a cup of coffee per day is associated with a 6% reduction in the risk of type 2 diabetes” and that “regular coffee drinkers were at least 20% less likely to die from heart disease. Whether for health or for spiritual enlightenment, coffee has been a staple of cultures far and wide for centuries. 

Coffee in Culture

Looking back at early European history, there’s ample evidence that coffee was an important component of both corporate and social life. People would gather at their local coffee shops to discuss business and debate ideas. These cafes were places for minds to meld and people to come together to create things bigger than themselves – and they continue to inspire people to this day. 


Even now, people come together to socialize, work, or even have knitting groups at local coffee shops all over the United states. This is a trend that has survived for centuries, and shows no sign of stopping any time soon! In fact, the coffee industry is still expanding in unique ways, as cultivators develop more specific blends and roasting techniques and baristas get creative with yet another creative way to serve everyone’s favorite beverage. 


Indeed, coffee has become so infused in society, working with it has become an art form of sorts. Cultivators are highly skilled at picking coffee cherries at their peak ripeness, and drying processes vary from farm to farm. Coffee drinkers are becoming increasingly interested in the specifics of their coffee beans, such as origins or their unique flavor profiles. As people experiment, at home brewing setups are becoming more varied and more elaborate. The appeal of creating the perfect brew is as alluring as the cup itself. That’s where Greenberry’s comes in. 

Greenberry’s: One of Central Virginia’s Oldest Coffee Roaster


Since our founding in 1992, Greenberry’s Coffee Co. has been crafting and serving fresh, locally roasted coffee. While we continue to expand our offerings and locations, we never stray from our core mission: to provide a neighborhood meeting place where you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of friends. 

Whether it be a traditional freshly brewed cup of coffee, or a slow-steeped cold brew infused with nitrogen, Greenberry’s Coffee has an inviting atmosphere in which to enjoy it! Check out our investor page to learn about how you can help coffee lovers from losing their favorite neighborhood gathering place.