Coffee is a Great Investment!

by Ashley Inman


Coffee Has Staying Power

Coffee has been a popular drink throughout the centuries, and it has brewed up a competitive industry with high profit margins. With sugary sodas falling by the wayside in favor of delectable craft cups, the popularity of coffee shows no signs of slowing any time soon, if ever. The industry boasts an impressive 1 billion people who enjoy a daily coffee!


The U.S. coffee market has hit a 20 year high, and it is growing exponentially internationally as well. Larger numbers of people are developing a refined palette regarding their coffees and drinking experiences. Whether it be a traditional drip, espresso, cold brew, nitro, or any number of new variations, coffee is a rapidly growing industry. 

The Greenberry’s Franchise

For the past 30 years, Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters has been building a franchise swirling around this legendary beverage. We have expanded the distribution reach of our roasted coffee beans and products into 48 states, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.


Greenberry’s is a vertically integrated company that has produced marked profitability over the past 3 decades in cafes, franchise locations, major grocery chains, local retailers, convenience stores, and direct sales to consumers online.


“For our cafes and franchises, Greenberry’s also holds distributor agreements for the equipment and foodservice items used in our retail locations – adding more incremental margins for the company. If someone’s looking to invest in Greenberry’s, they have the added benefit of that vertical integration, and the ability to capture multiple layers of profitability.” – Sean Simmons, Greenberry’s Co-Founder.


In order to improve profit margins and reduce costs, Greenberry’s roasts, cans, packs, ships, and sells all our products. We do everything but grow the beans! We can offer you a proven and profitable investment today, built on 30 years of experience and profitability.


Greenberry’s continues to stay ahead of coffee trends by introducing new products and ways to enjoy coffee, whether hot, cold, canned, Nitro, or even alcoholic. With recent increases in coffee consumption at cafes and restaurants up 20%, now is a great time to invest in Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters.

How to Invest

When you invest in Greenberry’s, you’ll own a stake in an innovative international coffee company with solid financials, aggressive growth strategies, and plenty of room to expand.


We are laying out the groundwork for continuing our growth, with new facilities and production capabilities, a strengthened team, expanded distribution networks, and preparations to open new cafes and franchises.


This is a great time to join our investor community, as we’re poised for even greater growth and success in the near future!

Read more about Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters by visiting our raise page on StartEngine to learn more about the perks of becoming an early investor.