Coffee Franchising + Investing Opportunities with Greenberry's

by Jon Copper

Recently, Greenberry’s CEOs hosted a live Q&A webinar dedicated to answering all franchising and investment questions, which you can watch a recording of here. We’ve selected some key highlights to share with you today. 

Coffee is a Great Investment

There's a lot of talk lately about recession. The great thing about coffee is it is often insulated from recessionary pressure, thanks to the low cost per cup. A visit to a Greenberry’s coffee shop overall is not an endeavor. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, and coffee is something we enjoy consuming daily. 


Recessions don't have nearly as big an impact on us as they have on some higher end food purveyors and restaurants. The coffee space is unique in that cafes have always had high growth potential. We've been through different iterations in our industry over 30 years but we're still seeing a tremendous interest in anything related to coffee. It's really an integral part of human existence and has tremendous staying power.


Our potential audience is tremendous, larger than most any other industry that you're going to see. In addition to that, the frequency of customer visits is something that is an important metric to discuss. How many times does a customer visit your restaurant or your cafe on a weekly or monthly basis?


Coffee is extremely unique in that category. The typical cafe customer visits daily an average of five or more times a week, which is incredible if you think about it. A mid-tier restaurant or a quick service restaurant might see their customer once or twice a week. We see our customers every single day, and that gives tremendous brand loyalty and continuity to the business. That strong bond between customers and Greenberry's is something we've always had and we’re very proud of it. 

The Greenberry’s Community

Every Greenberry's is recognizable, while also representing the community where it’s located. At the heart of it, we're still a coffee company. We have very delicious and exciting coffee products that we sell – but it's that connection to the community that really matters. 


The cafes are one piece of the puzzle. We also sell products to grocery store chains, convenience stores, restaurants, and more. There are so many different areas that we sell products into, it's given us a tremendous opportunity for growth and resiliency. If we have a downturn in the economy, some of the things on this chart might be affected, but others will benefit.


We've always had such a depth and breadth of opportunity in terms of what we sell on what we do. Something is always in vogue, and I think that broad depth of what we do separates us from most of our competitors.

Expanding Greenberry’s

Greenberry's is divided into a multitude of companies, and they're all interrelated. When you invest in Greenberry's on StartEngine, you're investing in our large central company, which is Greenberry's Coffee Roasters. Every time we open a franchise location domestically or internationally, it is Greenberry's Coffee Roasters that benefits substantially from that. Growth with Greenberry's from any division or any different sector that we're in benefits the business as a whole. 


We've had tremendous success with partners like Whole Foods, and the excitement of moving into international expansion as well. Greenberry's offers franchise opportunities domestically in 48 U.S. states, as well as the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. The overseas markets are tremendous opportunities, and that’s an area that we're very interested in pursuing as well. We currently have a very exciting opportunity in Canada!


As we've grown, we put a bigger emphasis on selling products through partners outside of the cafes franchising model. Our relationships with Costco, and so many other big retailers that we're working with, really expanded our reach in terms of our products and our branding. This continues to be a big area of our growth, along with adding cold brew and nitro cold brew to our product line. We're now a beverage company – a ready to drink beverage company, as well. 


Check out a recording of Greenberry’s webinar here


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